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 Temporary Road Closure advised - Horn Moor 2nd July 2018

 Notice of a Casual Vacancy - 17th May 2018
 Following the resignation of Cllr. Chris King, Council announces
 that a Casual Vacancy exists. See notice above, or parish noticeboards.

 Update 11/6/18- SSDC has confirmed that a valid petition has been
 received and therefore an election will be called to decide upon the
 new Councillor to fill the Casual Vacancy that exists.

 Temporary Road Closure advised - New Lane 21/5/18

 Temporary Road Closure advised - Forton Road 7/5/18

 Temporary cessation of Forton Bus Service (96) May/June 2018

 Temporary Road Closure advised - House's Lane 26/2/18

 Temporary Road Closure advised - School Lane 5/3/18

 Somerset Libraries 2018 Consultation poster here

 Boundary Commission Proposals for Tatworth Ward here

 St. Margaret's Hospice Garden Appeal (23.1.18)
 Poster Here

 Avian Flu in Dorset (22.1.18)
Defra has announced a nationwide Avian Flu Prevention Zone
 applying to anyone keeping poultry or captive birds. More details
 can be found by visiting DEFRA website and searching "Avian Flu"

 BT Kiosk o/s St. John's Church, Tatworth (18.1.18)

 BT have confirmed that this kiosk is scheduled for removal
 at some point in the future but are unable to provide a date
 (until after the contractors have removed it!) - 18/1/18

 Chard Junction UPDATE - Report from Cllr. Davison - here

 Tatworth Taster Walks - January 2018 - poster here